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King Of Groove lyrics


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     King Of Groove
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        Everybody wants to be a star
    everybody wants to be accepted by the mass
    everybody wants to be raging fire
    but their heat don't last
    Everybody wanta peek into my dreams
    they try to figure out if I'm just full of jive
    everybody wanta ride in my limousine
    but nobody wants to drive
    But I'm the king
    I'm the king of groove
    yes I'm the king
    I'm the king of groove
    he's the king of groove (I cant't lose)
    (summon the royal brass)
    Everybody want a piece of the pie
    but they'll take a pass if it's a case of do or die
    the greener syndrome is at hand
    we'll kick the feline or come forth and take a stand
    If you're wishing on a star
    ooh I pray your wishes bring you to receive the call
    the king of groove is going far
    and in my kingdom there is room for all
    'cause I'm the king
    I'm the king of groove
    yes I'm the king
    I'm the king of groove
    King of groove
    I can't lose,
    stand back and watch my moves
    'cause I'm the king of groove
    I'm the king yeah I'm the king
    yeah IIII'm the king of groove
    He's the king of groove
    that's right
    Well, you've got your
    this of that and your that of this
    with the king of groove baby you can't miss
    you got your Joan of Arc
    and your house of wax
    but with the king of groove
    you'll be jammin' back
    You got your Dukes of Hazzard and your Duke of Earl
    and the queen of Sheba, she was one bad girl
    Aretha Franklin, she's the queen of soul
    but the king of groove
    is in control
    He's got the lord of lords
    and the king of kings
    he keeps the king of groove
    doing his thing
    you can't stop him
    no matter what you do
    'cause you're dealing with
    the king of groove
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